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Covenant Health

Formerly known as the Caritas Health Group, Covenant Health is Alberta’s largest faith-based provider of health care. Originally conceived by the Misericordia Sisters and Sisters of Charity (Grey Nuns), it has evolved over nearly 150 years of community service retaining its founding principles of compassion, respect for life and right to dignity.

What We Do

Today, reflecting the original values and ideals of its founding members and Covenant Health, the Caritas Foundation supports three Edmonton area hospitals: the Edmonton General, Grey Nuns, and Misericordia, by raising funds for education and research and the frequent purchase and provision of much needed new health care equipment and services.

Thank You

With the strategic deployment of direct mail, telethon, lottery and special event campaigns, the Foundation has raised over $40 million to date. This tremendous success is a testament to the generosity and compassion of our community and contributors like you. Thank you!

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